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Swim City Flippaball & Water Polo League
 25 May - 28 Aug 2005

Naenae Olympic Pool, Hutt City

Published: 24th May 2005
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*      Games are 20 minutes long ? 2 x 10 minute halves. Each team will provide a scorer for the match.  An adult must score for the Flippaball teams.  Games will not commence until a scorer is in place.
*      All bench players must sit behind the two metre red marker/cone during the game. Coaches may not pass half way white marker/cone.

*      To start the game you line up on the goal line and wait until the referee blows the whistle to start the game.  They will put the ball in the water at half way.

*      One player swims or walks to get the ball and throws it back to team mates.  Then you walk or swim to the other team?s goal and try and score a goal.

*      A goal is scored when the whole ball passes over the goal line in the goal area.

*      When a goal is scored you go back to your own half.  The team that did not score takes a throw from half way.

*      You can catch the ball with two hands but only throw with one.

*      You can?t hold the ball for more than five seconds without passing it or swimming with it.

*      You can?t walk with the ball but you can swim or dribble it in front of you.

*      The ball can be dribbled by swimming with it, or pushing it in front of you.

*      You can steal the ball from a player dribbling the ball as long as you go for the ball not the player.

*      If the ball goes over the goal line outside the goal area, when you?re trying to get a goal, a free throw is given to the goalie.  But, if it is last touched by the goalie or a person trying to stop the ball you get a corner throw from the two metre line (red marker/cone) near the side of the pool.

*      Player substitution during a game can only be made in the corner of the pool once the player coming out has touched hands with the player entering the water. You are not allowed to push off the end or side of the pool to re-enter.

*      You cannot tackle another player.  You cannot swim over the other player?s legs.

*      You cannot push the ball under water.

*      You cannot shoot a goal from a free throw.

*      Keep out of the two metre area until the ball is ?in play? in that area.

*      The goalie can catch the ball and throw it with two hands. The goalie can?t go past half way.

*      Players may not play below their age group or in a team that is registered in a lower grade than the team they are registered to play for.  Players are not permitted to play in two teams within their age group.

*      For safety reasons players are not permitted to wear goggles or spectacle glasses of any kind.  All jewellery, bracelets, earrings, large hair clasps and piercings must be removed before entering the water.

*      Nails ?referees may check nails before or during a game.  Any player found with nails that could scratch and opponent will be asked to have them trimmed before re-entering the water.

*      Supporters are to stay back from the area on the side of the pool the referee is working in.

*      No abuse from supporters to officials will be tolerated.

A member of the Hutt Water Polo Club is available poolside each Wednesday. Please speak with this person if you have any issues.  It is much easier to sort it out at the time.  
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