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31 Oct - 5 Dec 2011

Naenae Olympic Pool, Hutt City

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30 Nov 2011 NBA Finals Draw 5 December
7.35 pm: Taipans vs Wildcats (3rd & 4th playoff)

8.35 pm: Breakers vs Blaze (Final)
28 Nov 2011 NBA Results 28 November
Game 1
Blaze (18) beat Taipans (14)
Player of game: Jason Nicol;
Play of game: Keri's bar in from halfway
Game 2
Breakers (23) beat Wildcats (21)
Player of game: Adam Pye
Play of game: Sialei's backhand
24 Nov 2011 NBA Semis Draw for 28 November
NBA Semis Draw
Monday 28 November at Naenae

7.35 Blaze vs Taipans (Duty: Breakers)

8.35 Breakers vs Wildcats (Duty: Blaze)
24 Nov 2011 Wildcats nearly claw Blaze
After a nail biting match on Monday evening, the Blaze came out on top after losing captain Kerri James for a short snap after an injured shoulder.

Impressive game from Kerri as she continued to score goals even after the injury - a relentless Adam Pye from the opposing Wild Cats kept the game tight.

Final Result 26 Blaze; Wildcats 21
23 Nov 2011 NBA Results 21 November
Breakers (26) bet Taipans (13)

Blaze (26) bet Wildcats (21)
17 Nov 2011 NBA Draw 21 November
Games on 21 November are to determine rankings for the semi finals on the 28 November.  Currently Breakers and Taipans are tied on 4 points each; and Blaze and Wildcats are tied on 2 points each
7.35 Breakers vs Taipans  Duty: Wildcats

8.35 Blaze vs Wildcats   Duty: Breakers
15 Nov 2011 Wild Cats hold off Blaze in nail biter
The Wild Cats fought hard against the Blaze in a nail biting match on Monday evening.

With new addition Adam Pye the Wild Cats showed their true potential by dominating them in a 22-19 win. Credit must go to Shontika, the Blaze goalie, for surviving Adam's punishing shots at goal.

An impressive first win for the Wild Cats, proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with.
15 Nov 2011 NBA Results - 14 November
Game One: Wildcats (22) beat Blaze (19)

Game Two: Breakers (16) beat Taipans (13)
10 Nov 2011 NBA DRAW - 14 November
Round 3 NBA 14th November:

7.35pm Blaze vs Wildcats  DUTY: Taipans

8.35pm  Taipans vs Breakers  DUTY: Blaze
9 Nov 2011 Breakers tame the Wildcats
Game one of Round Two saw the two defeated teams from last week take on each other - the Breakers and the Wildcats.
It was a tight first quarter with neither team scoring any goals. In the end, fitness won the game for the Breakers along with some great goal keeping from Rory McJorrow.

NBA newbie Morgan Chalmers was a welcome addition, netting 4 goals for the Breakers, along with Eamon Lui and Troy Greenem scoring three each.
The Wildcats' game was not without merit - notably James Lloyd who turned into a goal scoring machine in the second half with four goals to make him NBA's top goal scorer so far.
A great game from both teams

Final score 13 - 6 to the Breakers.
8 Nov 2011 Taipans battle it out with The Blaze
Round 2 saw the clash of the two winning teams from round 1 of NBA, The Taipans versus The Blaze!

The game started slowly with the opening goals coming late in the first quarter.  From there, the flood gates opened with some heavy scoring throughout the game by both teams!

Key scoring from clutch player Sarah Macris set up a close 22 - 19 victory for the Taipans!

Both teams showed great composure, skill & maturity which lead to comments after the game  "a great spectacle for the 2011 NBA competition"  by officials.

Both teams showed signs of a hard fought battle but smiles were in abundance after the match!

The Taipans are now the only remaining unbeaten team, with one loss to each the Blaze & Breakers and the much improved Wildcats with no wins as yet.
8 Nov 2011 James Lloyd in top form
Top NBA Goal Scorers after two rounds:

1 Wildcats James Lloyd 6
2 = Taipans Kiran Davis 5
2 = Breakers Eamon Lui 5
2 = Taipans Sarah Macris 5
5 = Taipans Jerome McGuinness 4
5 = Blaze Keri James 4
5 = Blaze Craig McGuinness 4
5 = Breakers Morgan Chalmers 4
5 = Blaze Connor Lui 4
10 = Wildcats Jack Ross 3
10 = Taipans Lachie Watson 3
10 = Blaze Michael Nicol 3
10 = Breakers Troy Greenem 3
10 = Taipans Matt Ihaka 3
8 Nov 2011 NBA Results 7 November
Results Round 2:

Breakers (13) beat Wildcats (6)

Taipans (22) beat Blaze (19)
3 Nov 2011 Taipans get off to hiss and roar
The Taipans got out of the blocks with a hiss and a roar in the first quarter against the Wild Cats leading 8-0.

The rest of the match the Taipans attack started to go a little pear shaped and only about four/five goals were scored in the last three quarters. The Wild Cats fought back with some quick goals but the Taipans held their nerve to win 12-6
2 Nov 2011 Blaze start NBA season on fire!
The Blaze started in firing form on Monday on the first night of the NBA for the 2011 season. Firing quick shots in and picking up vital female ?double-goals? early in the piece meant the remainder of the game was a simple game of controlling the ball.

The Breakers pulled back through fitness in the 3rd to within one goal but once again the strength of the Blaze shone through and went out to a comfortable 12-8 win!
2 Nov 2011 NBA Draw Round 2 - 7 November
Round 2, Monday 7th November:

7.35 pm Wildcats vs Breakers (Duty Team: Taipans)

8.30 pm Blaze vs Taipans (Duty Team:  Breakers)
1 Nov 2011 NBA Results 31 October
Taipans (12) bet Wildcats (6)
Blaze (12) bet Breakers (7)
28 Oct 2011 NBA Rules
Hutt Water Polo Code of Conduct applies to all players

Minimum of two girls in the water at all times from each team

DUTY 4 duty players from duty team required - 2 refs & 2 on table

Game 1 DUTY: includes setting up goals, clocks, cones balls and doing table duty

Game 2 DUTY: includes doing table and putting away all equipment

FINA Rules apply

Queries:  See Lauren or Kiran poolside
28 Oct 2011 NBA Draw for Monday, 31 October
Round 1
7.20 pm:  Captains & Vice Captains Meeting
8.30 pm:  BLAZE v BREAKERS
Want to play NBA?

Register for sending an email to nba@huttwaterpolo.org.nz by this Wednesday, 26 October.

Season kicks off Monday, 31 October
11 Oct 2011 NBA Water Polo League

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