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18 May - 24 Aug 2011

Naenae Olympic Pool, Hutt City

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full Calendar
Primary for Year 5 and 6
Intermediate Water Polo for Year 7 and 8
Junior Secondary School Water Polo ? Year 9 and 10
Senior Secondary School Water Polo - Open

The competition will run in Term 2 starting on 18 May through to 13 July inclusive. Games will recommence in the third term on 3 August and continue through to finals night for secondary schools on 17 August with primary and intermediate finals on 24 August.

Please Click Here for draw and result information relating to this event.

10 Sep 2011 Final Results
Since May, over 70 teams have been battling it out at Naenae Pool on Wednesdays.

The following teams have made it to the FINALS and will compete to be division winners on 24 August:

C Grade - Waterloo 2 v Fernlea
B Grade - Boulcott 1 v Wainuiomata
A Grade - Waterloo 1 v Belmont 1

Year 7 & 8 Intermediate
C Grade - OLR v HIBS
B Grade - Chilton v Wellesley 2
A Grade - Wellesley 1 v Hutt 1

Year 9 & 10 Junior Secondary School
Championship Final - St Orans v St Bernards
Plate Final - HVHS Girls v St Pats 2

Senior Secondary School
Championship - St Bernard's v HIBS

Best of luck to everyone
Due to the adverse weather and the fact that a number of schools have decided not to open, we are postponing Finals Night of our Naenae Schools Competition from 17 August to 24 August.
16 Aug 2011 Final Night Protocols
19 Jun 2011 Intermediate Draw for next five weeks
Check out the Intermediate Schools Water Polo Draw for the next five weeks.
15 Jun 2011 by Thanks from Eastern Hutt School.
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the swim bags and towel.  The kids were absolutely thrilled, it was just like Christmas.
Eastern Hutt School
13 Jun 2011 We have a water polo ball for every team in our School comps
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Pelorus Trust, we have one water polo ball for each team registered in the 2011 competition.

Thank you to Pelorus Trust for making this happen!

We really appreciate your support.
26 May 2011 Thanks to the Hutt City Council
A huge thanks goes to the Hutt City Council for the new floating goals for the Naenae Schools competition.
24 May 2011 School Leagues Player Registration Form (PDF)
23 May 2011 Player Eligibility Rules for Schools Comp
2011 Hutt Water Polo School Leagues - Eligibility Rules
Entry into this competition is open to any individual primary, intermediate or secondary school comprising players who are full time students at the same school.

An individual player can only be registered to play for one team.

Players registered in a higher grade team cannot play down in a lower graded team.  Players from a lower graded team can play up in a higher graded team to fill in if the Hutt Water Polo Club is advised prior to the game.  Once a player has played up 3 times, they stay up.
A default will automatically be recorded against any team if a player plays for two teams, or a player plays up without us being advised before the game commences, or a player plays for a lower graded team. A deduction of two competition points will also occur for all defaults.
Default Fees apply for any defaults that are not advised to us by 11 am on the preceding Tuesday.

Contact us:  naenaecomp@huttwaterpolo.org.nz
19 May 2011 Naenae Comp * * *REMINDERS * * *
? Player Registration forms for each team are required to be emailed direct to naenaecomp@huttwaterpolo.org.nz no later than Tuesday, 24 May on the official form ? copy can be downloaded for our web page.  Defaults will automatically be recorded against any individual team that has not electronically filed the attached player registration list in the official format after 24 May.

?  Pool Entry Cost - Please ensure all your pupils are aware that they need to pay $2.00 cash to enter Naenae Pool. This needs to be in cash as we cannot accept pool concession tickets or Eftpos. Spectators and supporters ? free entry

? Caps ? there is a supply of reversible hats in buckets poolside.  White hats are always worn by the team named first in the draw.  Please make sure that your players are ready to start play with their hats on  at the scheduled time.  We always strive to keep games running on time and ask that all players are ready in the water with caps on lined up against the goal line at the scheduled time.
? An adult from each team is required to be sitting at the scoring table before each game commences

? All players and coaches are to remain behind the 2 metre cones while a game is in progress.  Please refrain from talking to a referee during a game or obstructing the refs ability to walk freely poolside while officiating.

? Pool Control -  If your school?s team coordinator has any queries during a session, please discuss with official at the Pool Control table on the day.

? Communications  pertaining to this comp should be sent to naenaecomp@huttwaterpolo.org.nz by the sports coordinator named on your school?s entry form

? For health and safety reasons, goggles, jewellery, wrist bands, watches, piercings etc are not permitted to be worn in the water by any player.

? Defaults - We would appreciate early notification of defaults, but must receive an email direct to naenaecomp@huttwaterpolo.org.nz no later than 11 am on the preceding Tuesday.  This enables us to inform the other team so pupils can be told before leaving school on Tuesday.

? Default Fee - Any default advised after 11 am on the preceding Tuesday, or not sent via the official communication channel as set out above, will incur a default charge of $50 per game payable by the School to Hutt Water Polo before competing in any further competitions games, as well as having a deduction of two competition points.  
15 May 2011 Hutt Water Polo Schools Leagues draw and results
11 May 2011 Schools Leagues Draw for 18 May
Competition Draw for Wednesday, 18 May now available - see link below
It the last chance to get your entries lodged for the 2011 Naenae Comp.  Enjoy the nice dry warm enviornment for winter sports inside Naenae Pool.

Don't have disappointed kids.

Register right now
27 Mar 2011 Winter Schools comp - some divisions nearly full
Entries to the very popoular 2011 winter schools competition held at Naenae pool close this coming Thursday, 31 March.

Entries are flying in with some divisons nearly full.

Entries may close earlier than 31 March to those division this are full to capacity.

To find out if your school has entered, please contact your school sports coordinator direct.
20 Mar 2011 Reminder - Entries open for Naenae Winter Comp
Reminder - entries are currently open for the Winter Schols comp that all happens at Naenae on Wednesday evenings.

Entries close on 31 March
11 Mar 2011 Hutt Schools League Enrty Form
11 Mar 2011 Invite to Enter Schools Leagues
1 Mar 2011 Let the fun begin - Naenae comp starts 18 May
It?s time to get your school organised for water polo in Term 2!

Just letting you all know that the popular Naenae Water Polo Schools competition will start on 18 May.  It will happen Wednesday?s after school and can?t be cancelled because of bad weather.

Full competition information and entry forms will be published on this web page and released to all primary, intermediate and secondary schools in the next week.

The cut-off date for accepting entries will be Wednesday, 30 March.  We are aiming to have the draw issued to schools prior to the end of term; therefore we will not be able to accept late entries.

To add your school sports coordinator to the email list, let us know by sending an email to the one and only official communication email address this competition:  naenaecomp@huttwaterpolo.org.nz

... and keeping watching this space

Thanks goes to our Sponsorship Partners

Pelorus Trust


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